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How the Honda Fit saved this man's life

How the Honda Fit saved this man's life

This video is slowly making its way across YouTube and Honda enthusiast forums, but with the road conditions in this video being quite similar to the roads here in Edmonton and area, this was a particularly interesting (albeit, unsurprising for us) watch. In the video, the man is driving his 2007 Honda Fit Sport, outfitted with a dashboard camera, down a slick highway in Alabama that by his account had been in the midst of road construction (I think we're all too familiar with this scenario) and had actually been the site of multiple accidents that particular week. While it looks like he may have been driving a little faster than he should have with the conditions, as he takes the turn, he manages to roll his Honda Fit 7 times but still walk away unscathed:

This is a "real world" testament of how well built and engineered Honda vehicles are. As one commenter notes, the Fit not only has traction control, but the engine is mounted over the front wheels, which is an important feature in a front wheel drive vehicle as it adds weight onto the drive train, thus increasing traction further.

Also, the driver has readily shared in the comments that heĀ will be buying another Fit.

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