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Utilize HandsFreeLink by quickly connecting your phone to your Honda


Utilize HandsFreeLink by quickly connecting your phone to your Honda

How to Connect iPhone to Honda HandsFreeLink

Honda Bluetooth HandsFreeLink Logo Pair PhoneWhen you buy a new Honda, there are a lot of useful features that can be easily utilized if you take the time to set them up. For instance, connecting your phone to Honda HandsFreeLink makes it safer and easier for you to make and receive phone calls on the go without taking your hands or eyes off the road.

While the instructions on how to connect an iPhone to Honda HandsFreeLink are available in your user’s manual, we’ll give you a quick step-by-step guide so you can quickly pair your phone to your car. These instructions are specifically for pairing an iPhone 5s to a Honda Civic, but any iPhone/new Honda model should have a very similar if not identical setup process.

Before you start, be sure your iPhone’s Bluetooth is set to “On” and “Discoverable” which can easily be done through your phone’s settings.

Pairing iPhone to Honda Civic

1. Press “Phone” on your radio unit. The Honda HandsFreeLink System will ask you if you would like to pair a phone now. Of course, choose “Yes”.

2. The system will search and find any nearby Bluetooth devices. Select your phone from that list.

3. Two things may happen at this step:

3a. If your phone displays a 6 digit passcode, simply verify that the number on the phone matches the number on the interface and press the confirmation button on your phone.

3b. If your phone wants you to enter a code, simply punch the code displayed on your car into your phone and press confirm.

4. That will begin the connecting process. When finished, the Honda HandsFreeLink system will notify you that pairing is complete. If your phone allows phonebook and message access, the system will show a message that state”Automatic Phone Sync.” Select “On” if you would like those features paired as well.

Honda Civic HandsFreeLink Steering Wheel Buttons for Bluetooth

Incoming message notifications can be easily turned on and off by tapping the blue icon next to the device name in your phone.

If you’ve paired your Bluetooth with other devices in the past, this process is very similar. If you are having trouble connecting your iPhone to Honda Bluetooth HandsFreeLink or are running into issues with any tech, you’re always to visit Wheaton Honda where our vehicle experts can lend a hand!

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