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How to Prevent an Icy Windshield


How to Prevent an Icy Windshield

Now that it's officially fall, every day it's starting to get a little colder and a little closer to winter. Especially here in Edmonton we get long, cold winters with a lot of ice. If you're like us, you probably get sick of scraping off your windshield every morning. Unfortunately we can't all park in a garage or under a covered area, so we often have to take on the challenge of clearing the ice away from our windows each morning. To help you out we did some investigation and have created a list of tips on how to prevent an icy windshield and the best ways to clear off an icy windshield. Read on to find out how to make that morning deicing of your Honda a little easier.

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Icy Windshield Prevention Tips

  • Create a Barrier - The best way to truly keep the ice away is to completely cover your windshield with either cardboard or a blanket to create a barrier between the windshield and the moisture in the air. If you choose to try this method, make sure you cover the windshield completely and secure the covering material by tucking the ends of the cover in the doors.
  • Make an Ice Prevention Spray - Now we'll be frank, we have heard some criticisms about preventing ice with a spray you make yourself. The most popular one is a mixture of 3 parts vinegar to one part water. A mixture of 2 parts alcohol and 1 part water is also said to work. You spray it on the windshield and wipe it down the night before the ice hits. Just keep in mind that if the vinegar mixture is used often it can corrode the paint or harm the glass in the long run. We think it's best to only use this sparingly. Also keep in mind it may not completely prevent ice, but it should make that morning deicing a little bit easier.

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Tips to Clear Off an Icy Windshield

  • Make a Deicing Spray - Tips to deice your car windshieldSimilar to the above tip, you can make the same type of spray to help melt ice. The vinegar spray has not shown to be effective to melt ice that has already formed, but the alcohol spray should help. Just spray the mixture over the ice on the windshield. Again it won't be perfect, but it should help to melt the ice and make the scraping much easier.
  • Buy a Commercial Deicing Spray - Now deicing sprays you can buy will usually work better than a homemade mixture, but obviously results will vary depending on the spray. Deicing sprays tend to work pretty well overall and they don't generally cost too much if you pick one up at the store.
  • Start the Car Early, Turn on the Defroster and Scrape Away - The best, more effective way to clear off an icy windshield is by using your old reliable scraper in tandem with the defroster. This will not damage your car and as long as you start the car ahead of time and let the heat and defroster run for a short time, it can be very easy. Once the ice melts from the heat, you can use a scraper or your windshield wipers to clear the melted ice away. Make sure you don't try to use the wipers unless the ice has melted some.

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We hope these tips help the next time there's a frost or you simply run into an icy windshield. Winter is coming, so we always think it's best to prepare ahead of time. For more tips like this, feel free to continue reading the tips section of our blog.

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