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How to Replace Windshield Wipers


How to Replace Windshield Wipers

Every kind of weather – ice, rain, even sun, takes its toll on wiper blades. So, if the blade has started to crack or otherwise deteriorate, you have two options, you can switch out just the rubber blade or you can change the entire assembly. Let’s get a better understanding of how to replace windshield wipers.

How often should you change them?

Wiper blades aren’t like oil. There is no warning light. In fact, the first warning you get is often in the middle of a rain storm when you realize they aren’t performing too well. So, just like the batteries in your smoke alarm, it is recommended that wiper blades be changed out twice a year. You can also check your vehicle’s maintenance schedule for other information to keep your car in top working order. We have wiper parts available to order online.

Why is maintaining blades important?

It’s important to take good care of your wiper blades. You can maintain them by periodically wiping them down with an alcohol pad. Similar to what you might use on your eye glasses. This not only cleans, but also conditions the rubber on the blade.

Once you’ve noticed deterioration, however it’s really important to change out your blades. Driving with subpar blades is like driving blindfolded. It can have a severe negative impact on visibility.

Replacing the blades

First, look at the blades and determine how long they are. Don’t assume that the blades are the same length. For example, on 2012 Honda Accord the Driver side blade is 26 inches and on the passenger side it is 19 inches.

Next lift the entire wiper off the wind shield. If you have an older car you may need a flat head screw driver for the next step. More modern cars have a tab you can flip with your finger. Next, you’ll want run your hand up the back of the wiper-the metal side and look for either the manual tab or the depression to put the flat screwdriver into. The idea is that you are going to release the wiper housing from the wiper arm. So, flip the tab and then slide the wiper up and off of the arm.

You can either replace the rubber strip of the entire housing with the strip in it. While there is a difference in price -the rubber strips are cheaper, there is also a difference in labor involved. It is much easier to replace the whole housing.

If you replace the whole housing, run your hand down the blade and look for the notch. Now put this below the hook on the arm and snap it into place. Of course, you always welcome to bring your Honda to outstanding service center and we would be happy to change your wiper blades.

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