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How to temporarily deactivate Honda LaneWatch


How to temporarily deactivate Honda LaneWatch

Honda LaneWatch has proved to be one of the many useful active safety features available on new Honda models. As part of the Honda Sensing safety suite, the system helps drivers have a more expansive view of the passenger-side of the vehicle through the use of a camera mounted below the side mirror. That camera offers a view that extends up to 50 yards behind the vehicle.

That side-mirror-mounted camera is pushed to the i-MID center console display through two methods. First, it will display whenever the right turn signal is activated so drivers can quickly get a wide-ranging view of potential blind spots. That view will go away and the normal i-MID screen will display when the turn signal is deactivated.

Honda LaneWatch can also be activated manually by pushing a button at the end of the turn signal. When pushed, the LaneWatch display will remain on the i-MID interface until manually turned off.

While Honda LaneWatch has proved to be incredibly useful in helping drivers be more aware of other vehicles in potential blind spots, there are occasions where drivers want to deactivate the automatic display with the right turn signal. For instance, when driving at night, the headlights of other vehicles may be shining too brightly into the camera, causing the displayed image to be incredibly bright as well.

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Fortunately, Honda LaneWatch automatic turn signal display can be turned off in just a few taps. To temporarily deactivate Honda LaneWatch, take the following steps:

  1. Select “Settings” from the i-MID home screen
  2. Tap “Camera”
  3. Select “LaneWatch”
  4. Toggle the “Show Turn Signal” option to Off
  5. Tap BACK to return to the main menu

After following those steps, the Honda LaneWatch camera should no longer activate when you use the right turn signal. While this setting is off, you can still take a look at the camera by pressing the button at the end of the turn signal. Of course, it’s a good idea to always check your blind spots in the traditional manner and not to solely rely on the camera.

Honda LaneWatch is available on most new Honda models and will, of course, be an option on the 2016 Honda HR-V and 2016 Honda Pilot. You’re always welcome to visit the lot and meet with our vehicle specialists to help you get a better understanding for the technology in your Honda.

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