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How to use Adaptive Cruise Control in a Honda

How to use Adaptive Cruise Control in a Honda

The convenience of cruise control has been around for decades, giving drivers the ability to maintain a consistent speed without pressing the accelerator. To make cruise control even better, Honda offers something called Adaptive Cruise Control in new models like the Honda Accord Hybrid and Honda CR-V. That feature also will be available in the 2016 Honda Pilot and 2016 Honda HR-V.

In addition to keeping a consistent speed, Adaptive Cruise Control uses radar to recognize vehicles ahead of your Honda. Based on that information, Adaptive Cruise Control will automatically slow the vehicle to ensure you maintain a safe following distance without braking.

If you have a Honda equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control or are considering one for the future, it's important you are fully utilizing this awesome technology. To ensure you are, we'll take you through a simple guide on how to use Adaptive Cruise Control.


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How To Activate Honda Adaptive Cruise Control

Activating Honda Adaptive Cruise Control is no more difficult than activating a typical cruise control system. On the steering wheel, press MAIN and you'll see the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) indicator on the MID interface. When you are traveling at speeds higher than 40 km/hr, press -/SET at the desired speed.

How To Manually Adjust Speed

Manually adjusting the speed of Honda Adaptive Cruise Control is also done from the steering wheel, where you can press RES/+ to increase speed or -/SET to decrease speed. Every time you press the button to accelerate or decelerate, the vehicle will adjust in increments of 1.6 km/hr. If you hold either button, speed will adjust by 5 km/hr until released.

How To Adjust Following Distance of Adaptive Cruise Control

Keeping a safe following distance from vehicles ahead is extremely important for a number of safety reasons. The Distance button on your steering wheel will change the distance between four settings — short, middle, and long, and extra long. Adjust accordingly based on traffic patterns and whatever setting is most comfortable for you.

What to expect while using Adaptive Cruise Control

Honda Adaptive Cruise ControlHonda Adaptive Cruise Control functions just like regular cruise control when there is no vehicle ahead of you, as the vehicle will continue to maintain your set speed. When you approach a slower-moving vehicle ahead, your vehicle will automatically decelerate and based on the following distance you selected. If that vehicle speeds up, so will your vehicle, until you once again reach the speed you originally chose.

In the event the vehicle in front of you comes to an abrupt stop or another car cuts in front of you, you'll hear a beep and a message will appear on the iMID display alerting you to brake.

How To Turn Off Adaptive Cruise Control

To switch from Adaptive Cruise Control to normal cruise control, all you need to do is press and hold the Distance button. On the MID display, you'll see an indicator that says "Cruise Mode Selected".

To completely disable any cruise control, simply tap the brake or press Cancel or Main on your steering wheel controls.

Get a better understanding for Adaptive Cruise Control in new Honda models by getting behind the wheel of one of the aforementioned vehicles on the lot!

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