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The Autonomous Future of the Automotive Market

The Autonomous Future of the Automotive Market

Is Honda making a self-driving car?

Sometimes technology gets announced a bit too far ahead of schedule. Last year, everyone was abuzz about the idea of autonomous vehicles possibly becoming a reality. For as long as we can remember, vehicles that drive themselves have been a worldwide dream immortalized in science fiction across the globe.

Over the last couple of years, big steps have been made toward making those dreams come true. But the road is still long ahead, and thus the excitement surrounding the idea has mostly dropped out. But that doesn’t mean scientists and engineers in the automotive world aren’t hard at work. But we have one question, is Honda making a self-driving car? The answer to that was revealed just a few days ago, as Honda showcased its automated vehicle testing program in California.

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“The Contra Costa Transportation Authority and GoMentum Station are committed to supporting innovative research that will influence transportation and enhance safety for all road users. Our partners are developing autonomous and connected vehicle technology that will help accelerate the next generation of transportation infrastructure and make the future of driving safer around the world.”

- Randy Iwasaki, Executive Director, CCTA

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Honda Autonomous Vehicle Progress

GoMentum Station is a 20-mile paved roadway located on 5,000 acres of land in Concord, California, which made it the perfect place for Honda to work alongside the Contra Cost Transportation Authority when testing the progress of their autonomous vehicle. GoMentum Station is a dedicated proving ground for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles across the market, which means its seen its fair share of self-driving vehicles, but we’re crossing our fingers that Honda will be among the frontrunners.

Programs like those found in the Honda Sensing Safety Suite are the first step towards a fully-automated vehicle, and we can’t wait to see that happen down the line. We’ll keep you updated with any more information about the Honda automation program as it becomes available, but until then we have plenty of cars available for you to drive right here at Wheaton Honda.

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