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Meetin' Go Wednesdays -- New Car Manager Edition!


Meetin' Go Wednesdays -- New Car Manager Edition!

Welcome back to Meetin' Go Wednesdays! This week we have two more Wheaton Honda staff members we cannot wait for you to meet: our New Car Managers Warren Cairns and Vu Dao! In the above picture you can see Vu on the left and Warren on the right. These are the guys that will be there when you are looking to buy a new Honda. So, let's get to know two more of the good people here at our Edmonton dealership: Warren and Vu.

When and how did you begin working at Wheaton Honda?

Warren: Sweet Sixteen in 1976 as a lot person. I started out as a lot guy and then I kind of helped with PDIs, then went into sales, and then assistant sales manager, and then new car manager. And next the world!

Vu: In 2007 as a new car manager


What do you think is the best thing about working at Wheaton Honda?

Vu: The people

Warren: Exactly, it's the people! That's what it's all about. I mean, yeah, we sell a great product and we live in a good province and all that stuff, but really first of all it’s the people. We have a blast working here, we enjoy what we do, we enjoy who we work with, and we enjoy what we sell.

Vu: An awesome dealership to work for, right?

Warren: Yeah!Wheaton Honda logo


What is your favourite memory together?

Warren: What's our favourite thing about working together?

Vu: Actually every day we just laugh our butts off most of the time, it’s the stupid things that we do *laughs*

Warren: It kind of goes back to the relationship thing, you know we have fun working together, we don't take each other too seriously, and we try and make it so people that work here also enjoy themselves. One of our most important interview questions before we hire anybody is do they know how to bake, preferably cookies. And if they know how to bake cookies then their foot's halfway in the door.

Vu: Yeah, basically. And if they bring cookies to the interview, they know us! They know us extremely well.

Warren: And if they flip cookies, that will be a first, because nobody's ever really flipped cookies halfway through the cooking process.

Vu: That would be awesome.

Warren: That would be. That person will then become, sorry Mr. Go, the owner of the company. If they are hired and flip cookies and they're awesome...


I understand you guys like to play pranks on people?

Vu: No way! No...

Warren: That's one thing, honestly we have a lot of fun but I don't think we've ever played pranks

Vu: Not actual pranks. We might tell you something that's not true and you'd believe it, and tell you to go ask a certain somebody. Yes maybe

Warren: Maybe, yes.

Vu: We might set someone up to go ask some stupid questions, but other than that we wouldn't do any actual prank.

Warren: No, no, nothing bad at all. We know where to draw the line.

Vu: Yeah, we mislead them, just a little bit.

Warren: A lot!


Warren, what is your favourite thing about Vu?

Warren: What is my favourite thing about Vu? Is that like, what my favourite thing is that Vu does? Or is it the fact that he's such an outstandingly handsome man?

Vu: Aww! I think I have to use that.


Warren: What is it that Vu does?

Vu: We work so well together. Because he does his thing, and it meshes perfectly.

Warren: It's really funny, like, I'll crack my corny jokes and Vu groans, and then Vu tries to crack a funny, corny joke, and we groan.

Vu: Yeah

Warren: And, you know, it's coming to work and enjoying coming to work, and honestly, I think that's one of the biggest things. I absolutely, totally enjoy working with this guy. We have fun, we sell some cars. We make some money. But at the end of the day, we don't go home and go "that guy's a jerk" or anything like that.

Vu: I trust him 100% in what he does, and he trusts me. We just mesh.

Warren: Yeah.


So we don't need to ask you the same question, Vu?

Vu: No



What Honda vehicle would you guys recommend to a customer?

Vu: The Pilot, everything about it is so practical, because I do things like landscape my house. If I have friends that want to go out together they can jump into the vehicle. It's roomy and practical.

Warren: Overall, I like the CR-V. It's just the complete package without being too big or too small. It's extremely versatile and with our winters here with the all-wheel drive, it's just a given.

Vu: If we had to pick next it would be the Odyssey next, right?2015 Honda CR-V

Warren: Nope

Vu: No? You used to drive the Odyssey all the time!

Warren: That was years ago, Vu!

Vu: Like, a white Odyssey with tinted windows

Warren: My daughter said "don't be driving it by the school, dad." So I had to change vehicles after that.



Why should people come to see you guys to buy a car?

Warren: I'm thinking to some degree because we kind of try hard to make it a pleasant experience. We make it fun again.

Vu: It should be fun.

Warren: Yeah! I mean, you only buy so many cars in your lifetime, let alone if it's a new one or not. But we kind of think it's special, if it's a Honda it's definitely special. And I think we treat people the way they want to be treated. We're not high pressure artists. We're not that way.

Vu: Yeah we're not the guy that sits behind the glass and then won't talk to you or anything like that.

Warren: I think we let our own personalities come out with that. Yeah, we're concerned as to what the customer wants to buy, so we've always kind of said we'd rather be helping them buy a car rather than just selling a car.

Vu: That's kind of corny, but true.


So, you guys have possibly been referred to by a handful of people as "the odd couple," so we have some questions to go along with that. Who is more likely to be the one to be willing to deliver bad news?

Warren: Vu

Vu: Really? Why?

Warren: Don't you think?

Vu: Oh yeah, yeah.



Who is better at getting paperwork done?

Warren: MeMeeting Go Wednesdays Warren and Vu

Vu: Me


Vu: Warren


Who's car is cleaner?

Vu: Warren, not even close



If someone were calling and you both were within reach of the phone, who would be willing to pick up first?

Vu: It's whoever's on the chair

Warren: Whoever is tied up, the other one grabs the phone


Who is funnier than the other one?

Warren: I think Vu is.

Vu: No, I think Warren is. That's definitely Warren. He has all these sayings that are just like, "what?"



Who is more likely to be late in the morning?


Vu is?


Vu: But not too often.

Warren: Yeah, not often.

Vu: But 5 or 10 minutes, yeah.


Who is more likely to stay late at the end of the day?

Vu: We both do. Whatever it takes.

Warren: Yeah, whatever it takes. I mean, there was a private sale, I think it was at like 11 o'clock one night.


Is there anything you guys want to add about the other one? Or about you guys together working as a team?

Warren: I wish Vu golfed.



We hope you enjoyed getting to know Warren and Vu a little bit more, the odd couple of Wheaton Honda who love cookies and just want to make the car buying experience the best it can be for everyone who stops into our Edmonton dealership. The next time you are considering buying a new Honda, come meet Warren and Vu in person. They will love to help you find the perfect car and have fun in the process. Bonus points if you bring cookies.

Don't forget to check back next week for another edition of Meetin' Go Wednesdays right here in our blog.


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