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Customer Reviews

Each time I go to this dealership, I get a better service. The staff are very experienced, polite and kind. The last time I was there because I had an issue with the remote starter, Brett was very helpful and mindful. He solved my problem and explained me the cause and how to fix it for the future if happens again. I would definitely like to request the supervisor to promote Brett as I found him very hardworking and customer oriented.


3 weeks ago

I walked into Wheaton Honda not knowing what I wanted. David Nguyen guided me and made my first vehicle purchase smooth and easy. He was very knowledgeable and could answer any questions I had. He was patient and did not push me to make a purchase. His service was absolutely phenomenal! I was introduced to the Sales Manager, Stan, he was very welcoming and made sure I was always taken care of. Had the pleasure of meeting Shannon in finance, she was great because she was efficient and made the financial process simple. The day of the delivery, Jona was very helpful and made sure I knew all the ins and outs of the CR-V. Overall, I appreciate the quality of service I received from this dealership, and am thankful for the time and effort that David put into helping me find the perfect vehicle for me. I recommend coming to Wheaton Honda if you’re in the market for a vehicle!

Linda Huynh

a month ago

Buying the right car can be a painful process...Sales know what I mean. They are who they are and there ain't no getting around that. Wheaton Honda was a pretty good experience. The sales staff was polite and comical. You just have to know what you want and how much you are willing to spend before you go. Once we dickered on price the rest was quite pleasant. They have a really nice approach to signing the car over. They explained everything about the car and answered any questions we had. The car was prepped and the gas tank was filled. Our final transaction was extended warranties but we decided it wasn't worth it. Is was reimbursable partially at the end of the term . But hey, we bought a honda so why would we need extended warranty. Thanks for restoring my faith in car sales.


a month ago

Great service is not always determined from a great experience.... some time you can have a not so great experience and the way you come back and resolve it matters ! Recently I had one of those ! And Mark Tucker contacted me about experience ... was genuinely sorry about the whole situation ...made a recovery and reassured my trust in them ... so I can say they honestly care about the client experience... hence the 5 stars .

ishan joshi

a month ago

Fantastic experience buying a car from out of town. Fair negotiation with clear communication in process. Car was ready at scheduled appointment time and we received a thorough review of features before getting on our way. Thanks for a smooth buying experience!

Terri Brown

2 months ago

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