Honda Dashboard Warning Lights Guide

Having one of your dashboard warning lights or indicators pop up when you’re driving can be a daunting surprise. By building an understanding of what each symbol means and what action is required can save yourself from a lot of stress.
One place to start is to treat the dashboard warning lights like the colors of a stoplight. If a yellow icon appears, it is advised to drive cautiously and get your vehicle checked right away. If a red icon appears, it indicates a problem that needs immediate attention. We recommend safely pulling off the road, stopping the engine and calling for assistance. Wheaton Honda in Edmonton, AB has built this guide to help our customers better understand the messaging they’re receiving from their vehicle and perform action and repairs when needed. This all goes hand-in-hand with keeping you safer on the roads and maintaining the quality of your vehicle. Please consider that not all of these symbols are universal, and following your vehicle’s user manual is always the most accurate source of information, especially for off-brand/preowned vehicles.


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What Do The dashboard Warning Lights Mean on Your Honda

Handbrake/Braking System Failure

This symbol could simply signal that your emergency brake is on, however, If it doesn’t go away it could mean there is a problem with the braking system.

Oil Pressure Low

This warning signals that your oil level has dropped too low and is at risk of causing serious damage to your engine.

Battery/Alternator Warning

This warning signals an electrical system failure, usually a result of a dying battery or alternator connection issue.

Supplemental Restraint System

IMPORTANT WARNING, this signals that your air bags may not deploy in the event of accident. It is advised to not drive your vehicle with this light active, call roadside assistance and get towed to Wheaton Honda or another service centre for repairs.

Smart Entry System

Your car may have an issue with its smart entry system or push button starting system.

Check Engine Light

Engine emission malfunction — bring in for service.

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

If there is an ABS malfunction, the warning light comes on in combination with the brake warning light.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

This warning signals that the air pressure in one or more of your tires is low. It is advised to fill the air back to the recommended level. If the light comes on, checking for slow leaks or punctures is advised.

Temperature Warning

Your engine temperature is too high and could be overheating.

Temperature Warning

Your engine temperature is too low and may cause problems.

Stability Traction Control

A warning to advise drivers to proceed cautiously as traction is sub-optimal due to weather or other road conditions.

Power Steering Warning

There is an issue with your vehicles power steering system and may cause stiff turning.

Seat Belt Reminder

If you’re not wearing your seatbelt, this reminder will pop up.

Door Open

One or more of your vehicle’s doors is ajar or not fully latched.

Trunk Open

Your trunk is ajar or not fully latched.

Fuel Level Warning

Your fuel level is running low and needs to be refilled shortly.

Washer Fluid Level

Your vehicle needs more washer fluid.

System Message

This icon will pop up along with another icon meaning there’s a message on your multi-information display.

Maintenance Minder

Reminder that it’s time for routine maintenance.


Your vehicle doesn’t recognize your key or remote transmitter which means you may not be able to start the engine.


Your Vehicle Stability Assist is off.

Cruise Main On

Cruise Main light signals that you have turned on your cruise control system but have not yet set a speed for it.

Cruise Control On

Cruise control is on and active at a set speed.

Turn Signals

Your turn signal is on.

Fog Lights On

Indication that your fog lights are on.

High Beams On

Indication that your high beams are on.

Exterior Lights On

Indication that your exterior lights are on.

ECON Mode On

Your ECON mode is on.

Lane Keeping Assist System

The LKAS is on.

Collision Mitigation Braking System

The CMBS is on.

Road Departure Mitigation

The RDM system is on.

Blind Spot Warning

There’s a vehicle in your blind spot.

All-Wheel Drive

Your vehicle is on all-wheel drive.

Auto Idle Stop

Auto Idle Stop is on.

Adaptive Cruise Control

You are currently using Adaptive Cruise Control.

Auto High Beam System

Your high beam lights are being automatically controlled.

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