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Get to know your Honda Maintenance Minder System

Helping Honda owners keep maintenance in check

Have you been wondering when you’re supposed to bring in your Honda car, truck or SUV for scheduled maintenance at Wheaton Honda in Edmonton. AB?  Good news, Honda has made that easy for you with the Honda Maintenance Minder System!

What does the Honda Maintenance Minder System do?

The Maintenance Minder System found in Honda vehicles, monitors a number of variables to determine when the time is right for you to bring your Honda in for a Genuine Honda Oil Change. When the remaining service life of your engine oil reaches 15%, you will be alerted on your dashboard by a “Service Due Soon” message. Along with this message, a Main Item (see below) indicating the required service type will appear.

Depending on the mileage at the time of your required oil change, additional required maintenance items indicated by a numeric Sub-Item (see below) will also appear. These sub symbols are accumulated between oil change intervals in order to make it convenient for you to properly maintain your vehicle at Wheaton Honda in Edmonton.

Honda Maintenance Minder Codes and Service Prices

Main Items

-Replace engine oil & filter

$132.88 + GST (Synthetic oil 0W-20) 4-Cyl
$140.88 + GST (Synthetic oil 0W-20) 6-Cyl

$135.99 + GST Synthetic 5w20/30

MAIN ITEM B / B1 /09
-Replace engine oil and filter
-Service front and rear brakes
-Check paring brake adjustments
-Rotate tires, inspect for wear and adjust pressure
-Inspect tie rod ends, steering great box and boots
-Inspect suspension components
-Inspect driveshaft boots
-Inspect brake hoses and lines (including ABS)
-Check all fluid levels and condition of fluids
-Inspect exhaust system
-Inspect fuel lines and connections

$342.88 + GST 4-Cyl
$358.88 + GST 6-Cyl

$377.88 + GST (Synthetic for 2018 & on Odyssey)

Maintenance Sub Symbols

SUB-ITEM 1 | Expect every 8-19K, based on driving style
-Rotate tires, inspect for wear and adjust pressure
$52.88 + GST (No charge if wheels and tires removed during other service)


SUB-ITEM 2 | Expect every 40-49K, based on driving conditions
-Replace air cleaner element
-Replace dust and pollen filter
-Inspect and adjust drive belt
$128.88 + GST (4 Cylinder)
$149.88 + GST (6 Cylinder)


SUB-ITEM 3 | Front-Wheel-Drive, all transmissions
-Replace transmission fluid
$144.88 + GST (DW1)
$213.88 + GST (CVT)

$216.88 + GST (2.1)

$479.88 +GST (3.1)


SUB-ITEM 3 | AWD & RWD all transmissions, expect every 48-120K, depending on transmission and driving habit/conditions
-Replace transmission fluid
$228.88 + GST (DWI, With Transfer Case Fluid)
$562.88 + GST (3.1 w/transfer fluid change)


SUB ITEM 4 | Expect every 160-169K
-Replace spark plugs
-Replace timing belt and inspect water pump (v6 only)
-Inspect valve clearance (may be required at a lower mileage based on driving conditions)
$590.88 + GST (4 Cylinder)
$701.88+ GST (2003-2011 Civic Hybrid)
$1645.88 + GST (6 Cylinder, Starting From Price)

Maintenance Sub-Symbols

SUB-ITEM 5 | Expect every 175-184K
-Replace engine coolant
$137.88 + GST

SUB-ITEM 6 | Expect First between 15-24K, and subsequent 50K
-Replace rear differential fluid (4WD/AWD Trucks, S2000)
$85.88 + GST (4-Cyl)

$120.88 + GST (6-Cyl)

SUB-ITEM 7 | Every 2 years
-Replace brake fluid.
$159.88 + GST

-Service front and rear brakes
-Check parking brake adjustments
-Inspect tie rod ends, steering gear box, and boots
-Inspect suspension components
-Inspect brake hoses and lines (including ABS/VSA)
-Check all fluid levels and condition of fluids
-Inspect exhaust system
-Inspect fuel lines and connections

$229.00 + GST (4-cyl)
$229.00 + GST (6-cyl)
$247.00 + GST (2018 Honda Odyssey)

*The above prices do not include shop supplies, ask your advisor for details.

Honda Maintenance Minder Schedule


What doesn’t the Honda Maintenance Minder System do?

The Honda Maintenance Minder System does not monitor the engine oil level in your Honda. Maintaining proper engine oil level is critical to preserving engine life and trouble free operation, so ensuring your engine oil is at the right level by checking it regularly is a good habit to form – please see your owner’s manual for details.

Remember, if it’s been more than 12 months since your last oil change, Honda requires the engine oil be changed regardless of the % service oil life displayed. Also, Maintenance Minder does not monitor brake pad thickness, brake fluid condition or tire tread depth. Ensuring that these critical items are within specification is important for your safety on the road. If your brake fluid is more than 3 years old, Honda requires you have it changed.

Assisting Honda vehicle owners with any of the above listed service items is something the team Service Team at Wheaton Honda in Edmonton would be pleased to do.

Honda Canada Recommended Maintenance

If your Honda isn’t equip with the Honda Maintenance Minder System, you can follow Honda Canada’s recommended service schedule.  Depending on your particular Honda model, you will be due for regularly scheduled repairs every 6,000 or 8,000 kilometers, which works out to approximately every four to six months.

Should you have any questions regarding service to your vehicle, please don’t hesitate to call our trained Honda service advisors at (780)463-7888.


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