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Let’s get four things straight

It’s probably easier for your Honda’s wheels to get out of alignment than you think. Hitting curbs when parking, driving over potholes, or just driving on dirt roads can all throw your wheels out of alignment, and then you have a problem with your vehicle you are extremely unlikely to be able to sort out yourself.

Depending on how badly aligned your wheels are, the symptoms may not be immediately apparent. In fact, sometimes, the only time you’ll realise they’re out of alignment is when you or a technician notice your tires are wearing unevenly. This will inevitably mean buying new tires more often than you would generally need to in the long run. Still, more serious misalignment can result in vibrations through your steering wheel or your vehicle not driving straight when it’s supposed to, and uneven tire wear.

If you suspect your wheels might be poorly aligned, get in touch with the team here at Wheaton Honda and get your vehicle booked for a professional wheel alignment. As well as stopping excessive or uneven tire wear, adequately aligned wheels will mean smoother driving, your vehicle driving in the right direction, your vehicle is safer and easier to handle, and it can even mean saving money on gas as poorly aligned wheels mean you use more gas than you need to.

Accurate wheel alignment requires specialist tools and expertise, and that’s precisely what you get when you come to us here at Wheaton Honda in Edmonton, AB.

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