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Service Question from @Dee0223

Service Question from @Dee0223

This morning, @Dee0223 asked Honda Canada a question about her radiator fan, and our friend Rene gave her the (much appreciated) advice to ask us:

Average cost of replacing a radiator fan (parts and labour) for 2004 Honda Civic SI


Well Daphnee, we'll do whatever we can to alleviate that anxiety!


A visit at our Parts & Service department revealed the following prices for a 2004 Civic Si (great car, by the way!):

  • To replace the radiator fan, the fan blade and labour would be $325.90.
  • The radiator fan motor is an additional $438.54.

However, Daphnee also gave us this additional information:

Engine will read hotter at idle, cools down when driving


After speaking with our service department, if the engine is cooling off right after you start the car, then the radiator fan is likely engaging (and the problem isn't necessarily the radiator fan itself, and instead maybe a relay issue somewhere in the system). If it were staying hot, then that would definitely be a radiator fan issue. We would like to recommend that you bring it in for us to diagnose, as there could be a far less costly solution (especially if it's just a problem within the system, and we would hate to see you spend more money than necessary and still have the same issue.

  • Diagnosis would likely be less than 1 hour, and our hourly shop rate is $135.00.


We hope we've provided you with the tools to make an informed decision, Daphnee!


If you'd like to bring your car in to us, you can book a service appointment online here.

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