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What to do for May Long Weekend

What to do for May Long Weekend

Things to do for Victoria Day in Edmonton AB

Every year on the Monday before May 25th we celebrate a little holiday known as Victoria Day, or perhaps more commonly known as May Long Weekend. We can’t wait for the long weekend this year, so we came up with a few things to do for Victoria Day in Edmonton AB this year for you to consider. There are plenty of things to do with a long weekend from simply relax with some Netflix to taking a road trip, so we thought we’d just give you a couple ideas to think about since we’ve still got about three weeks to mull over the decision.

Other Local Events in the Edmonton AB Area

Fort Edmonton Park Opening Weekend

Perhaps the most exciting thing happening over May Long Weekend is opening weekend at Fort Edmonton Park. Join in on the fun on Saturday, Sunday or even Monday to not only celebrate Victoria Day but just to have fun with the family. There are no specific event details as of yet, but we imagine the folks at Fort Edmonton Park are going to have plenty of fun activities planned!

Full Moon Tours

If you’d like to do something a little different over the May Long Weekend, look into a Haskin Canoe Full Moon Tour on either Friday the 20th or Saturday the 21st. For $45 per person you can get a canoe, a tandem kayak or a single kayak, or for $36 per person you can go on an actual Voyageur Canoe Tour from 8 to 10 p.m., paddling through the islands to not only see the beautiful full moon but tons of local wildlife as well!

Weekend & Day Trips

Of course if you truly want to get away and enjoy the full May Long Weekend experience, you should consider taking a little road trip or even just a day trip to somewhere fun. You can check out Dinosaur Provincial Park in Drumheller or explore the Edmonton countryside, even just get away to Calgary and explore the city downtown. There are plenty of cool places to visit in the area, whether for a day or the full weekend.

No matter how you decide to spend your May Long Weekend and in particular Victoria Day, we simply hope that you have fun and enjoy the extra day off.

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