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Tips for Getting a Christmas Tree Home


Tips for Getting a Christmas Tree Home

Now that we're well into the Christmas season and now that we've gone over places to find a Christmas tree here in Edmonton, it's about that time to go get one, right? It can seem a bit a bit stressful trying to pick out the right tree, but getting it home and set up is another story. If you're looking for tips for getting a Christmas tree home, we can help. We'll go over some key pieces of advice for preparing to get your tree, securing it on your car, and getting it inside. Continue reading to find out how to make getting a Christmas tree a much easier expeirence.

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How to Carry a Christmas Tree on Your Car

  • Make sure you know the size of the tree you're looking for. If you need to, you can measure the height of the room where the tree will stand to give you an idea of how much space you have to work with.
  • Dress appropriately for getting a tree. You'll want to wear old clothes and cover any bare skin just in case of sharp needles or branches.
  • Remember rope and/or bungee cords. Bringing both is best so you have options in case one will ultimately work better when you have the tree ready to take home.
  • Choose a tree that will both work with your space at home and that will fit on your car. This may seem self explanatory, but we tend to one the biggest, grandest tree. Make sure you choose one you can handle.
  • Once you've found your tree, have it wrapped in netting or similar material, This will keep the branches secure and make it easier to tie the tree down as well as move it when you get home.
  • Most tree lots offer this service either included with the price of the tree or at a low additional cost.
  • Know how to position the tree on the top of your car. The tree should be centered with the stump end at the front of the vehicle. This way the wind won't damage the tree.
  • carrying a christmas tree home on your carMake sure the tree is completely secured on top of your car. If your car has a roof rack, the easiest way to secure it would be to use bungee cords. If you don't have a roof rack, you'll want to open all your car doors and tie it securely with rope. Double check that the tree is secure and that it won't come loose while you're driving.
  • Have someone help you get the tree inside and set up. It's easiest to have help and will alleviate any issues when trying to get the tree into position.
  • What vehicles work best for this task? Well, we would probably recommend the Honda Pilot or Honda CR-V. Both are rugged and have roof rails available to make it easier to transport your tree.

From all of us here at Wheaton Honda, we wish you a very merry Christmas and the best of luck in finding your perfect Christmas tree!

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