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Remain vigilant while playing Pokemon Go

Remain vigilant while playing Pokemon Go

Top Safety Tips for Pokémon Go Players

A few days ago we gave you the rundown on where to find some of the best Pokémon hot spots, gyms and stops, and even gave you an awesome interactive map that local players have been working on since the game’s release. But as more and more tragic stories about accidents happening while on the quest to catch ‘em all, we want to make sure that you’re all remaining safe while you’re on there on the road. So we’ve come with a few top safety tips for Pokémon Go players in the area.

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Remain Alert

The most important thing to remember when playing Pokémon Go is to remain alert, just like the warning states as the game loads. The game might have augmented reality aspects to it, but it isn’t constantly showing you the real world around you. If you remain too focused on your device, you might not notice that you’re about to walk into traffic or off a steep ledge, which could wind up catastrophic.
Danger Restricted Area_o

Follow the Law

It’s also important to follow the real world laws while playing the game. Don’t trespass on private property, for instance. The puts a sour taste in the mouths of Edmontonians who don’t play the game, and can only have negative effects. Furthermore, trespassing on restricted property should never be done either. If a sign says do not enter because of some danger, you should probably heed the warning.

Play Together

Pokémon has always been a game that encourages building relationships and friendships, so be sure to play together. If you’re going out at night, take a buddy with you. If you have to go out by yourself, or even with a group, it can’t hurt to let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back, so that if something goes wrong they’ll know right away.

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Staying safe while playing such a fun game should be that difficult. We know how awesome the game is, but just lift your eyes from the phone every once in a while and don’t break the rules. With that said, good luck on your journey to be the very best, like no one ever was.

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