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Join Twitter's first-ever Trick-or-Treating event

Join Twitter's first-ever Trick-or-Treating event

Trick or Treat with Honda on Twitter

Sadly, we all reach an age where we are considered “too old” for trick-or-treating. But if you didn’t have to venture out into Edmonton dressed as a ghoul, goblin, princess or Power Ranger but still had a chance to score some free candy, you’d probably be pretty interested, right? Well, Honda is giving you that opportunity through the first-ever trick-or-treating event on Twitter.

Don’t get us wrong, you still have to put on a costume, you just don’t have to walk about the town knocking on doors to get your treat. Instead, all you need to do is tweet @Honda a photo of yourself with the hashtag #TreatPromo. If you meet the criteria, Honda will reply to your Tweet with a link to a coupon for a free box of MIKE AND IKE candy. But beware, because you’ll also receive a spooky Vine video.


This fun-spirited event embodies the forward-thinking mentality of Honda, as it takes to social media to get people involved on Halloween.

"In the spirit of Halloween, we wanted a simple and unique way to show some appreciation to our fans,” said Tom Peyton, AVP, Advertising and Marketing at Honda. “Innovation is at the heart of our brand. Why not look at innovating something as fun as trick or treating?"

While nothing can replace local Halloween events or Edmonton’s most terrifying haunted houses, it would be fun to join the rest of the world in the largest online trick-or-treating even ever (at least to our knowledge). Plus, it’s an easy way to score free MIKE AND IKEs!

As Halloween approaches, so does the end of the month, which means some of our current incentives and deals will be changing soon for November. If you’ve been eyeing up a vehicle on the Wheaton Honda lot with the incentives currently listed, act fast and save big before the end of October.

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