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How's This Work? Alloy Wheels

How's This Work? Alloy Wheels

What are Alloy Wheels?

The subject of this week’s How’s This Work might seem a little strange. You most likely know what alloy wheels are, even if you don’t know exactly what alloy is. A large number of premium vehicles offer alloy wheels made of aluminum today. But what we’re going to look at this week is what the benefits of alloy wheels are, and why you should opt for them if the option presents itself.

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For starters, let’s dive into exactly what alloy wheels are for those of you in the dark. An alloy is a mixture of metals and other elements. Mixing the elements together provides a stronger, softer end product. In automotive wheels today, aluminum is often used to create alloy wheels as it yields a much lighter material than steel – an alloy of iron and carbon itself – without losing strength. Magnesium is another metal sometime used in alloy wheels.

Benefits of Alloy Wheels

Typically, steel is the metal used in the production of automobile wheels. Steel is a great material for wheels as it’s a metal that can take a lot of hits with minimal effect, plus it’s fairly cheap. But steel is a heavy metal, and it doesn’t exactly offer the most visually-pleasing aesthetic. The obvious, biggest benefit of upgrading to something like aluminum alloy wheels is that they’re lighter. In high performance vehicles, the less weight the better. Plus, as we mentioned, they don’t lose any strength.

In addition to the lightweight benefit, they also look much more stunning than their steel counterparts. They offer a wide array of different finishes and designs in all the same sizes as steels. Other advantages include increased brake clearance, durability and overall vehicle value. These are all pretty nice upgrades that no one would complain about. If you’re curious as to which Honda vehicles come equipped with alloy wheels or have them as an available option, feel free to give us a call.

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