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How's This Work? Fog Lamps

How's This Work? Fog Lamps

What are Fog Lamps?

Each year new features become available as technology advancements are made. A long, long time ago, vehicles didn’t even have headlights, let alone the abundance of other lights found on vehicles today – from brake lights to turn signals and everything in between. We thought we’d look at one of these specialized types of lights in this week’s How’s This Work, to give you a better idea of what they’re for and why they’re so important. The lights in question are fog lamps, which have become even more prevalent over the past couple of years.

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How do Fog Lamps work?

Unlike your headlights, fog lamps are – generally – circular or oval-shaped lights found nearer to the bottom of your front bumper, like you can see in the image of the 2018 Honda Odyssey up above. They also won’t turn on automatically like most regular headlamps and taillights do in modern vehicles, instead you’ll need to flip a switch or something similar to turn them on – just like turning on your high beams.

The reason fog lamps are needed is to combat the effect of poor visibility from things like, you guessed it, fog. If you’re driving through thick fog, your regular headlights will often bounce right off the fog and not illuminate the road as much or as far as you need. Fog lamps operate a bit differently thanks to a unique shape to their beam of light, allowing the light to cut right through whatever is hindering your visibility.

Many 2017 Honda vehicles are available with fog lamps, so if you’re interested in finding out which be sure to give us a call and we’d be happy to help you find the right vehicle for you.


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