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How's This Work? Heated, Cooled & Ventilated Seats

How's This Work? Heated, Cooled & Ventilated Seats

What are heated, cooled and ventilated seats?

Seats might seem like a pretty ordinary feature in a vehicle, mostly because every single car available on the market has them. It’s not like you spring for seats in your vehicle, they’re pretty much a mandatory feature. However, there are all different kinds of technologies and features that can be added to your seats to make them even more comfortable, like power adjustment for instance. But the focus of this week’s How’s This Work will be a set of other features that you can upgrade your seat with: heating, cooling and ventilation.

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How does heating, cooling and ventilation work in car seats?

Heated seats are the most obvious and easiest to explain. Heated seats work much like the electric blanket you might use during the winter does. A long strip of a heating element is placed just beneath the upholstery of your seats, and when turned on an electrical current will heat up the element and thus heat up your seat.

Ventilated and cooled seats on the other hand aren’t quite as widespread as heated seats. Ventilated seats simply use a system of fans built right into the inside of the seat, sometimes just on the bottom but some might also have fans put into the back of the seat. Once the fans are turned on, they blow air through a diffusion layer to spread the effect of cooling through the upholstery. Cooled seats add an extra layer to this, by adding a cooling element between the fans and the upholstery, thus working even more effectively.

If you’re interested in finding out which vehicles are equipped with any of these features, feel free to give us a call at the sales desk.


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