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How's This Work? Magic Slide

How's This Work? Magic Slide

What are Honda Magic Slide seats?

If you watched unveiling of the all-new 2018 Honda Odyssey yesterday, or read our blog focusing on some of the model’s new features after the reveal, then you might’ve heard something about the new Honda Magic Slide seats - not to be confused with MagicSeat, which already existed. These new seats are, for now at least, exclusive to the new 2018 Odyssey, making many things easier about driving the awesome minivan. We thought we’d focus on the new seats with our very first How’s This Work of the year, so read on to find out exactly what they are and how they work!

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How do Honda Magic Slide seats work?

Magic Slide is the name for the new second-row seating in the 2018 Odyssey, and it is a new reconfigurable technology that allows drivers to maximize the cabin’s efficiency. More passenger space? More cargo space? Easier access to the back seat? Whatever you need, Magic Slide will make it easier in the all-new Odyssey. Magic Slide is configurable into four different modes, each with its own practical advantages. They are as follows:

  • Easy Access Mode
    • In this mode the center seat is removed to allow the other two seats to slide between five different spots. This allows for easier access to the back seat, and is even doable with two rear-facing child seats.
  • Super Mode
    • This mode is set up exactly the same as Easy Access Mode, but with the driver’s side seat pushed and tilted all the way forward allowing for even easier access to the back.
  • Wide Mode
    • This mode is similar to the previous two in that the center seat is removed, but the two side seats are blown out to their further position so that there is a wider row to the back seat, and to avoid any confrontations between kids that aren’t getting along.
  • Buddy Mode
    • Finally, this mode is the opposite of wide mode, in that the center seat is still removed but the side seats are slide as close together as possible. That way they can both look at a smartphone screen or something else that needs close proximity, and they are easier to reach from the front row.

[twentytwenty]2018-honda-odyssey-magic-slide-seats-wide-mode_o 2018-honda-odyssey-magic-slide-seats-regular-mode_o[/twentytwenty]

[twentytwenty]2018-honda-odyssey-magic-slide-seats-easy-access-mode_o 2018-honda-odyssey-magic-slide-seats-buddy-mode_o[/twentytwenty]

If you think the Honda Magic Slide seats are the perfect feature for your growing family, then be sure to look into the all-new 2018 Honda Odyssey as it’s the only vehicle in which they are available as of now. Feel free to give us a call or schedule a test drive here on our website.

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