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How's This Work? LED Headlights

How's This Work? LED Headlights

What are LED Headlights?

Focusing on how headlights work might seem even stranger than last week’s topic. Obviously, you know how headlights work. When it’s night time, you turn them on – or they might even turn on by themselves – and they make it easier to see in the dark. But what we’re focusing on today is LED Headlights specifically, showing why they make a better choice than more traditional types of headlights and why the industry is turning in that direction.

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Benefits of LED Headlights

Ordinarily, halogen bulbs are used in headlights. They were used traditionally due to their cheap and ease of manufacturing, but the light was emitted as an electrical current passed through a thin wire filament. That doesn’t sound like the safest or easiest way to light up the night. In contrast, LED lightbulbs emit light utilizing a semiconductor that is made of a specific material capable of releasing light photons as soon as it is charged.

So the main advantage of LEDs over Halogens is longevity. Reading those two descriptions above, which do you think is more likely to wear out? Halogens might be cheap to make and purchase replacements for, but why purchase replacements at all? With LED headlights, you shouldn’t have to. Like, ever – unless of course they get damaged physically.

The other type of headlight, high-intensity discharge, works very similarly to LED headlights. They are brighter than halogens and last a lot longer, just like LEDs. But where they fall short is efficiency. Because the lamps in LED headlights utilize less power, you’ll use less fuel to power them than you would HIDs. If you’d like help finding out which Honda vehicles are equipped with what, feel free to give us a call right here at the sales desk and we’ll find the right car for you.


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