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How's This Work? Rain-Sensing Wipers

How's This Work? Rain-Sensing Wipers

What are Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers?

For this week’s How’s This Work? – which is what we finally decided to call our weekly look into specific features found in today’s automobiles – we decided to take a step back from the advanced, driver-assistive safety features that we’ve been focusing on the past several weeks to look at a different type of feature. Technically, it could still be considered a safety feature, but rain-sensing windshield wipers are more designed to eliminate a distraction.

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How do Rain-Sensing Wipers Work?

Rain-sensing wipers don’t look any different than regular windshield wipers, but there are some extra bits of technology installed into the vehicle to make them work. Essentially all you have to do is turn them on, setting them to automatic, and the vehicle will take care of everything else. The system then utilizes sensors to detect rainfall on your window, as well as how much rainfall, and will then trigger the wiper motor to start working. How fast or slow the wipers go depends on how much rain is hitting the windshield, so you don’t even have to worry about changing the speeds.

This is an incredible feature that lets you simply turn it on when you get in the vehicle and forget about it completely, thus eliminating the need for constantly changing the wipers’ speed and turning them on and off if the weather is inconsistent. The only thing you truly need to worry about is making sure that they’re turned to off before going into a car wash, because that too will trigger them and could end up damaging them as the machinery connects with your vehicle.

The video below may give you a better idea of just how – and how well – these rain-sensing windshield wipers works. Many new vehicles are coming equipped with this special feature right out of the gate, but it is not impossible to install them after the fact. Be sure to give us a call if you have any questions about how these wipers work, the vehicles they’re available in or how to go about getting them in your current vehicle. Check back next Tuesday when we look into another new technology found in many vehicles across the board.


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