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How's This Work? Capless Fuel Filler

How's This Work? Capless Fuel Filler

What is a capless fuel tank?

In the automotive world, technologies are constantly changing and advancing. It seems like every year yields at least one awesome new tech or feature somewhere in the industry, no matter how big or small it might be. A few years ago, a small new feature was introduced and it only recently began picking up a full head of steam: the capless fuel tank. The 2016 model year saw Honda add the feature to several of its new and remodeled vehicles, including the Honda Pilot and Civic. But what exactly is it and, furthermore, how's this work?

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How does the capless fuel filler system work?

The phrase “capless fuel tank” might not sound all that confusing, but at the same time it does sound strange. What exactly does it mean? While you might have assumed it couldn’t be as obvious as it sounded, turns out it is. The only real difference between a normal fuel tank and the new capless fuel filler system is that… there is no cap! You will still insert the nozzle like normal, but you don’t have to unscrew a gas cap before you do it, or screw it back on when you’re done.

It might not be a huge, revolutionary technology, but it is a nice feature that saves you some time at the pump and makes things a little bit easier. Furthermore, on Honda vehicles like the two we already mentioned, the fuel door works a little differently than you might be used to. Rather than an automatic door or one that you open by pulling out, the fuel door is opened by simply pushing it in. If the vehicle is locked, the door cannot open, but once the car is off and unlocked you simply have to push the door to open it up.

Hopefully this clear up any confusion about what the capless fuel tank, aka capless fuel filler system, is and how it works. If you have any additional questions, they might be cleared up in the video below, but if they’re not feel free to give us a call!


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