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How's This Work? Multi-Angle Rearview Camera

How's This Work? Multi-Angle Rearview Camera

What is a Multi-Angle Rearview Camera?

If you’ve been in a new vehicle built in the last couple of years, chances are you’ve seen a backup camera in action. The backup camera has become so popular in fact that by the 2018 model year, it will be required that every vehicle on the market come with a standard rearview camera. While some of these reverse cameras just offer a basic look behind you, others are much more involved. For this week’s How’s This Work, we thought we’d look at Honda’s offering – which has been standard in almost all models on the lineup since 2013 – the multi-angle rearview camera.

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How does the Multi-Angle Rearview Camera work?

In vehicles across the market, manufacturers are installing a camera on the rear-end that give drivers a better view behind them than the standard rearview mirror. While the mirror is great for seeing who’s behind you on the highway, it doesn’t show you a very good picture of what’s happening behind you in driveways or parking spots, which is precisely what the rearview camera was designed to take care of.

While most backup cameras give you a generic shot of what’s happening behind you, Honda’s multi-angle rearview camera offers three different options. On top of the standard view, there is also wide view and top down view. The wide-angle view offers a better look at the left and right sides behind the vehicle, making it the perfect angle for reversing out of a driveway onto a busy street or backing out of a parking spot.

The top-down angle helps with parallel parking and similar situations, as it actually offers a view of what’s directly on the ground behind your vehicle. Backing into a parking spot? It will show you the cement stopper so that you don’t hit it. All three angles make Honda’s multi-angle rearview camera one of the best on the market. If you have any questions about the multi-angle rearview camera or which vehicles it’s available in, feel free to give us a call at the sales desk.


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