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How's This Work? MID

How's This Work? MID

What is a Multi-Information Display?

Today we’re going to take a look at a great technology that we can’t believe we haven’t already featured in one of our weekly How’s This Work blogs. You probably know what a display audio screen is. It’s the screen right at the center of your dashboard. It generally gives you things like audio information, navigation if you have it and much more. But the multi-information display, which will be today’s subject, is generally located right in the instrument panel of many of today’s vehicles, especially Honda vehicles.

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How does a multi-information display work?

The multi-information display is a screen that is much smaller than the display audio screen, and is generally centered more in the driver’s line of sight rather than centered in the vehicle. In Honda vehicles, it is built right into the middle of the instrument panel. It also might not look like a screen in the traditional sense as it tends to blend right into the existing gauges.

Using a button located on the steering wheel, you can cycle through different screens that display pertinent, useful information. That way your eyes don’t have to travel as far off the road, and you don’t have to move your hands at all. Different display screens include things like average fuel economy, range, elapsed time, average speed, a blank screen, vehicle settings and even engine oil life.

All of this information can certainly come in handy in different situations. If you want to know which of our vehicles are equipped with a multi-information display, give us a call at the dealership. The video below will give you a better idea of how the MID works. We look forward to hearing from you.


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