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What is Blind Spot Monitor?

What is Blind Spot Monitor?

While new and improved safety features and technologies are an increasingly-important aspect of modern vehicles, what is more important is that you the drive knows and understands not just what they are but how to utilize them. Which is why we’re going to kick off a new weekly blog post, where each week we take a closer look at some of the incredible systems available in many of today’s vehicles. Some of these are even a part of the Honda Sensing platform, which is available on vehicles like the all-new 2016 Honda Pilot.

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Today, we’re going to take a look at the Blind Spot Monitor, a technology that was first introduced just under a decade ago but has only begun to pick up mainstream attention and inclusion in a multitude of vehicles over the past couple of years. The technology assists with one of the most dangerous aspects of driving, especially on the highway, as it makes it easier to see what’s lurking in your blind spots.

How does BSM work?

When changing lanes, you constantly have to look over your shoulders before getting over to make sure you’re not going to hit someone. It is still recommended that you do that, but the Blind Spot Monitor will put your mind at ease by alerting you whenever it detects an object in your blind spot. These technologies aren’t 100% so you should always trust your own judgment first, by still doing things the old way, but the Blind Spot Monitor adds a whole extra level of alertness and safety.

On most vehicles, it works by lighting up a little symbol on your left- or right-side mirrors, signaling that someone has been caught by the sensor. Some vehicles may add an audible alert or even send a vibration through your seat, but in most Honda vehicles it will just be the blinking light. No matter what, we hope that you stay safe while behind the wheel of your vehicle and utilize Blind Spot Monitor to have an ever bigger feeling of confidence in the driver’s seat.

If you need a little more explanation, you can enjoy Rick & Scout from demonstrating the technology below!


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