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What is Electronic Stability Control?

What is Electronic Stability Control?

Before diving into this week’s in-depth look at one of the exciting features found in today’s vehicles, we’d like to apologize for the confusing mix up last week. We missed last Tuesday, posting about the exciting Civic Hatchback Prototype instead. Then, when Thursday rolled around, it felt like a Tuesday so we covered an exciting safety feature rather than giving you a new Used Car Spotlight. We’re going to get back on track this week, so consider this a double dose of safety features!

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Today, rather than looking at one of the new safety features that you can constantly tell is being used – like Blind Spot Monitor or Lane Departure Warning – we’re going to look at one of the most important active safety features found in vehicles today: Electronic Stability Control.

How does the ESC system work?

The nice thing about Electronic Stability Control is that you don’t have to do anything. The ESC system works without any additional button pushing or anything like that, it simply activates as soon as you turn on your vehicle. Then if it is triggered, it will kick in automatically and work to keep you safe. The one thing to note is that if this light – or the Anti-lock Brake System light, which works in conjunction with ESC – stays on while the vehicle is running, there might be something wrong with the technology and you should bring it in to get it checked out.

Electronic Stability Control works much the way that it sounds, to keep your vehicle stable. If you make a sudden change in the steering, for instance if something is in the middle of the road that you don’t see until you’re right up on it, or if the ground is wet and you start to oversteer or understeer, then ESC will kick in by taking control of your wheels and engine, braking where necessary and reducing the engine speed to keep you in control of the vehicle.

Without ESC, some vehicles might spin in a completely 360-degree circle, slide off the road or even flip over which are three things you definitely don’t want to experience. With ESC installed, your risk of these things happening to you are severely reduced. If you’d like to learn about which vehicles have Electronic Stability Control installed here at Wheaton Honda, feel free to give us a call. You can also watch Rick & Scout explain the technology even further in the video below from


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