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How's This Work? HD Radio

How's This Work? HD Radio

What is HD Radio?

Everyone knows what HD television is. Today, almost all television is shot in HD. It stands for high-definition, and it presents a clearer, crisper picture when displayed through an HD television set. But you might’ve seen HD Radio listed among the features in a new vehicle you were interested in, and been confused as to what exactly that is. So we thought it would make the perfect subject for this week’s How’s This Work.

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How does HD Radio work?

Much like television and movies, radio has continually improved and advanced through the years. Many shows and films aren’t even shot on film anymore, they’re shot digitally. Similarly, audio can now be transmitted using a digital signal. HD Radio enables this digital signal to be transmitted on frequency both above and below a standard analog signal. This means than listeners can either listen the standard way, via analog radio with standard quality, or in HD which is digital radio and comes through with much less extra noise.

HD Radio being broadcast digitally is how your display audio screen knows what song is playing and who it’s by. Digitally broadcast radio can have information attached to it as the signal is sent, which is how we get all of the song’s info on the screen. In short, HD Radio is a pretty incredible technology that can be considered pretty important to all of you drivers out there who like your music. If you have any questions about HD Radio or which vehicles come equipped with it, feel free to give us a call.


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