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How's This Work? CabinControl

How's This Work? CabinControl

What is Honda CabinControl?

The next-generation Honda Odyssey was accompanied by a host of new technologies and features that we cannot wait to experience firsthand when the all-new minivan is released later this year. Considering it’s time for this month’s final How’s This Work article, we thought we’d take a look at another one of these new technologies. A couple of weeks ago we looked at CabinWatch & CabinTalk, but this week we’re looking at CabinControl.

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How does CabinControl work?

We haven’t gotten a chance to test CabinControl out ourselves yet, but we think we have a pretty good understanding of how the smartphone app is going to work. That’s what it is, a smartphone app that gives everyone in the vehicle the ability to effect certain things in the car even if they might not be right next to the control panel or whatever. Once the 2018 Honda Odyssey is released, CabinControl will likely become available on both Apple and Android smart devices, though we cannot confirm that at this point.

CabinControl will give you the ability to control the rear entertainment system acting as an extra remote control for anyone siting in the very back seat that can’t reach the screen. It’ll also give you control over the rear cabin heating and air conditioning so that your kids can stay comfortable without badgering you to mess with the temperature every few minutes. You can even have a backseat navigator help you out by sending destinations to the Honda navigation system on the display audio screen.

Perhaps the coolest feature of CabinControl will be Social Playlist, which will act like a virtual jukebox allowing up to seven passengers to add music to the audio system’s playlist.


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