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How's This Work? Honda LaneWatch

How's This Work? Honda LaneWatch

What is Honda LaneWatch?

By now, you’ve likely heard about a little safety technology called Blind Spot Monitor. We’ve covered it in a past How’s This Work, explaining how this great, simple feature benefits both drivers on the road and the vehicles that happen to be driving next to them. But you might’ve also noticed that BSM is strangely absent from the Honda Sensing safety suite, and that’s because Honda offers a different, more advanced version of Blind Spot Monitor as a different feature offered outside of Honda Sensing, and it’s called Honda LaneWatch.

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How does Honda LaneWatch work?

If you’ve read our Blind Spot Monitor blog, then you know that most vehicles with the feature installed utilize sensors to send you visual and audible alerts letting you know if a vehicle has entered your blind spot while your turn signal is on. Honda LaneWatch takes that idea a step further, by installing an actual camera on the passenger side mirror instead of just a sensor.

So, much like Blind Spot Monitor, whenever the right turn signal is activated, the camera will send a live video feed to the display audio screen in your center console. The sensor in Blind Spot Monitor is effective, but the camera feed of Honda LaneWatch works much like the standard backup camera, giving you an actual live view of what’s going on on the passenger side. Of course, as per usual with these features, it is not a substitute for actually using the mirror and looking around.

Also in the feed are two lines that show you how close or far away the vehicle in your blind spot is to you. In addition to coming on with the right turn signal, there is also a button on the turn signal lever to turn on a constant stream. If you have any further questions about how LaneWatch works, they might be answered in the video below, or you can give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out!


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