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How's This Work? Honda Plus

How's This Work? Honda Plus

What is Honda Plus?

Here at Wheaton Honda, and the Honda brand as a whole, we like to take care of you long after you drive off the lot with your brand new Honda vehicle. One of the main ways we do that is with the Honda Plus Extended Warranty, which will be the subject of this week’s How’s This Work. Honda Plus is a customizable warranty plan that ensures reliability no matter where you drive in Canada or the Continental USA.

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How does Honda Plus work?

While features like the multi-angle rearview camera enhance your safety on the road, minimizing the risk of collisions and things going wrong, things can still happen. The airbag system and ACE body structure will keep you as safe as possible in the cabin, but your vehicle can still get damaged and become un-drivable. That’s where Honda Plus kicks in.

There are several different plans each addressing different wants and needs, so just like you picked out the right vehicle for your situation, make sure to choose the right Honda Plus plan for you as well. You can find a huge list of the choices on Just navigate to the warrant section and find Honda Plus, and then you can select from the massive list of choices. There are several different categories, from the Engine to Electrical and everything between them.

But with the Honda Plus plan, you have to remember that you need to sign up within 45 days of purchase in order to get the benefits. You are required to stay on top of the Honda Maintenance Schedule outlined in your owner’s manual, as well as keep vigilant on retain any and all records for that maintenance. Not only might you need these records for Honda Plus coverage, but the next owner could ask for them if you decide to sell your vehicle. If you have any additional questions about coverage or how to sign up for Honda Plus, don’t hesitate to give us a call right here at the sales desk!

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