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How's This Work? i-VTM4

How's This Work? i-VTM4

What is Intelligent Variable Torque Management?

This week we’re getting super specific with the subject of our How’s This Work article. When we looked at what Drivetrain means and how they work, we of course touched on the all-wheel drive – or AWD – system. Now this week we’ll be looking at a very specific type of AWD system, available in some Honda vehicles like the 2017 Pilot: Intelligent Variable Torque Management, or i-VTM4.

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How does i-VTM4 work?

Honda has claimed that the Intelligent Variable Torque Management system is “the most sophisticated and technologically advanced all-wheel-drive system offered in a mainstream, three-row SUV,” and we’re inclined to believe them. Regular all-wheel drive is great for helping out in tough terrain and poor conditions, but it’s not flawless. We’re not claiming this is, but the i-VTM4 technology makes it far superior at handling all different kinds of weather and road conditions.

Rather than working like a regular AWD system, i-VTM4 distributes the optimum amount of torque to each axle progressively, both the front and rear. While it does that, it also distributes torque from the engine to both the left and right wheels on the rear axle dynamically, giving each just the right amount of power. This results not only in benefits to all-weather driving, but also just to deliver better steering altogether more accurately.

The i-VTM4 system is the ultimate AWD drivetrain, and it’s available in, as we said, vehicles like the 2017 Honda Pilot. If you’d like to know what other vehicles it is available in or have any further questions about how i-VTM4 works, then feel free to get in contact with us by calling the sales desk. We can’t wait to see you behind the wheel of a brand new Honda vehicle.


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