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How's This Work? Magic Seat

How's This Work? Magic Seat

What is Magic Seat?

The past few weeks we’ve been looking at Honda-exclusive features and technologies with our How’s This Work articles every Tuesday. We thought we’d keep that run up this week by taking a closer look at Honda’s Magic Seat to figure out just what makes it so magical. The Magic Seat is a versatile feature found in many Honda vehicles across the lineup today, but it gained notoriety in the Honda Fit as one of the features that made it capable of, well, fitting so much inside.

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How does the Magic Seat work?

Chances are, you’ve heard of a 60/40-splitting rear seat. That’s the type of rear seat often included in a sedan or crossover to enable longer or bigger items to be stored in the trunk. But that’s not always the best way to store items in a vehicle, which is where the Magic Seat comes into play, advancing the versatility and utility of many different cars in all shapes and sizes across the Honda lineup.

In the Honda Fit, for instance, there are four different modes for the Magic Seat to adjust between. Each has a distinct functionality for filling a specific need. Tall mode allows you to lift the seat bottom up and have a floor-roof cargo area. Long mode allows you to fold the back row flat, and then recline the front passenger seat back to as close to flat as it can get. Utility mode is much like the 60/40 split, as it allows you to choose which back seat to fold flat and which to keep up, so that you can mix and match between cargo and passengers.

Lastly, the one mode that we’ve never see in a vehicle before, is Refresh mode. Refresh mode allows you to fold up the back seat, then fold back the front seat, then re-lower the back seat, creating a sort of recliner that’s perfect for drive-in movie theatres. If you’re interested in which vehicles offer Magic Seat, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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