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How's This Work? Push Button Start

How's This Work? Push Button Start

What is Push Button Start?

For this week’s How’s This Work we decided to look at a technology that is becoming more and more prevalent in vehicle’s across the market, by look at what exactly Push Button Start is and how it work. The technology is available in just about every Honda vehicle on our lineup, and in vehicles from tons of other manufacturers available on the market. It makes starting and stopping your car easier and quicker, as you no longer have to worry about turning a key.

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How does Push Button Start work?

When getting into the car, as long as you have your key fob on you, you can cycle through power modes and start the engine simply by pressing the big red Engine Start/Stop button. Pressing the button once without your foot on the pedal will turn on Accessory mode and pressing it a second time will turn on On mode. Accessory mode will let things like the radio work, while On mode will turn on everything but the engine.

With your foot pressing the brake pedal or clutch down, you can press the Engine Start/Stop button once to turn the ignition and start the engine. Your foot has to be firmly pressing the brake in order for the engine to kick on, so make sure to keep it there the whole time. Then when it’s time to turn the car off, shift to park and press the Engine Start/Stop button once. If you press the button without the car being in park, you’ll turn on Accessory mode.

If you have any other question about how Push Button Start works don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can also fill you in on which exact Honda vehicles have the feature available.

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