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How's This Work? Remote Starter

How's This Work? Remote Starter

What is Remote Engine Start?

Can you believe it’s already August? That means it’s time for the first How’s This Work of the month, and today we’re going to figure out how Remote Engine Start works. Remote Engine Starters have been around for quite some time, but generally the needed to be installed in your vehicle as an aftermarket accessory. Now, they’re being built right in as a standard or available feature on certain trim levels for tons of vehicles across the market, including many Honda vehicles.

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How does Remote Engine Start work?

A Remote Engine Starter is a piece of technology built right into your vehicle and connected to your smart key fob, and it does just what the name implies: allows you to start your engine remotely. Especially cold day this winter? Start up the car from inside the office before you leave for the day, or any similar situation.

The Remote Engine Starter found in Honda vehicles like the 2016 Honda Civic will work from up to 60 yards away if unobstructed. If you’re inside a building or there are large objects obstructing the path to the vehicle, the starter will still work but from less distance, so make sure you don’t park too far away. To start your engine remotely, you’ll press the lock doors button once and then press and hold the remote start button until the turn signals flash.

Once the engine is on, it will remain on for ten minutes before shutting back off. To extend it you can repeat the starting process within those 10 minutes and it will stay on for an extra 10 minutes. If you end up getting stuck inside, you can tap the remote start button once to turn the car back off. Once you get in the car and are ready to go, you will still need to depress the pedal and push the start button once inside.

As an added bonus, the vehicle’s climate system will attempt to set the cabin temperature to 72 degrees. That means on hot days it will turn on the air conditioning and vice versa for cold days. The video below will give you a better visual of how the RES system works. If you have any questions or would like to know which vehicles Remote Engine Starters are available in, give us a call here at the sales desk.


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