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How's This Work? SSVC

How's This Work? SSVC

What is Speed-Sensitive Volume Control?

Today, for this week’s How’s This Work, we’re going to take a look at a pretty cool feature that might be easy to miss among all of the technological programs in your infotainment system. It might not be a game changer or anything truly life altering, but it’s a nice feature for all of those who like to listen to the radio while on the go. We’re talking about speed-sensitive volume control, which is available on many Honda vehicles in the 2016 lineup.

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How does Speed-Sensitive Volume Control work?

First of all, let’s explain exactly what speed-sensitive volume control is in case the name doesn’t quite cover it. As your vehicle goes faster, the sounds from the road and outside the cabin become louder. SSVC is there to counteract this fact, preventing the constant need to manually change your volume and preventing situations in which your music is either inaudible or far too loud.

Working in sync with your speedometer, the speed-sensitive volume control system will take over your audio controls automatically as your vehicles goes faster, increasing the volume to combat the rise in unwanted outside noise. It’ll then turn the volume back down as your speed decreases as well. Of course SSVC only works when activated, so if this program doesn’t sound appealing to you then you can turn it off and keep your volume at the same level no matter your speed.

Like we said, this feature isn’t life changing by any means, but who says we can’t have a few extra luxury features in our vehicles? For an example of how speed-sensitive volume control works you can watch the video below. We couldn’t find a video of the feature in Honda vehicles, but figured this Mini video would suffice. Give us a call if any questions arise or you run into problems with the feature!


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