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What is the exclusive HT3 Limited Edition Driving Shoe?

What is the exclusive HT3 Limited Edition Driving Shoe?

Every once in a while, Honda will get involved with something that seems a little farfetched to further market their incredibly diverse brand. Most recently, Honda added a completely new industry to its many hats after teaming up with Thrillist and JackThreads to create the exclusive HT3 Limited Edition Driving Shoe. We know Honda had headed in multiple directions before, getting into industries like power sports, marine and even building a jet. But we can honestly say we never expected them to introduce a shoe!

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Thrillist x JackThreads x Honda HT3 Limited Edition Driving ShoeThrillist is a digital lifestyle brand, a comprehensive resource telling you great ways to not only spend your money but also your time. JackThreads on the other hand is a men’s style brand, providing the stylish brands that guys love alongside clothing they design themselves. These two brands came together with Honda to create the first shoe of its kind – a completely exclusive driving shoe that not only provides comfort and style, but adds to your ultimate driving experience.


HT3 Limited Edition Driving Shoe “Specs & Features”

As a shoe, the HT3 doesn’t exactly have specs & features like the vehicles we cover, but there are still product details that we can cover to tell you exactly what you’re getting. The design of the shoe was inspired by the 2016 Honda Civic, made obvious by its hidden Civic logo beneath the suede shroud that covers laces and other things that might impede drivability. The shoe was made with high-quality materials like suede, metallic details and even a leather quilted pattern.

“Collaborating with JackThreads and Thrillist to develop an exclusive shoe for people who love driving and love the sporty new Honda Civic has been a great experience. Our all-new Civic lineup is a real game changer in its segment when it comes to styling and fun to drive spirit, and we look forward to stepping into the footwear world with a premium limited edition shoe that showcases just how remarkable the Civic is, inside and out.”

- Jarad Hall, Civic Senior Exterior Designer, Honda R&D Americas

The HT3 also features a neoprene vamp and articulated nodes to encapsulate the wearer’s foot as comfortably as possible while deliver extra support. In essence, the shoe isn’t just stylish but extremely comfortable as well. If you’re interested in check out the shoe and possibly pre-ordering it ahead of its July 2016 release date, then head over to place your order!

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