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What is the Honda Sports EV Concept Car?


What is the Honda Sports EV Concept Car?

Yesterday saw the commencement of the 45th Tokyo Motor Show, and with it came a host of Honda announcements and reveals. Some of the most exciting things out of the Honda set came from their motorcycle division, but there was one automotive world premiere that has us pretty excited: the Sports EV Concept car. Hot on the heels of the Urban EV Concept that debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show recently, the Sports EV Concept gives us another glimpse into the future of Honda vehicles.

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“The Honda Sports EV Concept [is] a concept model which combines EV performance and AI (artificial intelligence) inside a compact body with the aim to realize the joy of driving the user can feel with a sense of unity with the car.”

- Takahiro Hachigo, President and Representative Director, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

2017 Honda Sports EV Concept Exterior Front_o
2017 Honda Sports EV Concept Exterior Profile_o
2017 Honda Sports EV Concept Exterior Rear_o

So, what is it?

Obviously, the Sports EV Concept is an electric vehicle, but what’s less obvious from its name and even from the images is that it’s mated to an artificial intelligence system called Honda Automated Network Assistant. The details about what exactly the AI’s purpose will be are still limited, but we know that Honda’s goal with this EV concept car is to create a vehicle that exemplifies the unity between driver and vehicle.

No specifications or features have really been revealed at this time, outside of the artificial intelligence system, as this concept is more or less about design than anything at this point. We do know that the Urban EV Concept has been confirmed as a European production model, and considering this Sports EV Concept is so similar to it… we’re hopeful that it, too, will receive a production order. However, when either Honda vehicle would be heading to North America? Your guess would unfortunately be as good as ours.

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