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How's This Work? VSA

How's This Work? VSA

What is Vehicle Stability Assist?

In today’s How’s This Work, we’re looking at a feature that is pretty widespread across the market, but it’s known by several names. In many manufacturers you might find it listed as Vehicle Stability Control or Electronic Stability Control, but the vehicles available here at Wheaton Honda come equipped with Vehicle Stability Assist. Even though they all have different names and perhaps subtle tweaks, they each have the same goal in mind: keep you safe by making sure your vehicle remains stable in the event of oversteering or understeering.

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How does VSA work?

Vehicle Stability Assist, or whatever your brand calls it, mostly comes into play when you’re taking corners. If you steer a bit more than you should, or even a bit less than you should, VSA will kick into gear to correct the turn and keep you stable. It also helps out with traction whenever you accelerate on poor road surfaces, especially important for our winter seasons here in Edmonton. VSA works by taking control of certain aspects of your vehicle and automatically regulating them in a way that would be beneficial for the situation at hand.

For instance, the Vehicle Stability Assist system will take over your engine’s output, making sure it’s only working as hard as it should, while also only applying as much pressure to the brakes as is necessary to correct whatever situation you find yourself in. It is important to note, however, that VSA cannot fix every situation, nor does it have the ability to control the entire braking system, so it is still very important that you use your best judgment and practices every time you get behind the wheel, even one with VSA enabled.

Whenever the Vehicle Stability Assist program is activated, a VSA System Indicator light will turn on. So don’t freak out if you see a new light on your dashboard. You can watch the video below for a further explanation of what VSA is and has to offer.


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