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What will Honda bring to the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show?

What will Honda bring to the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show?

The Consumer Electronics Show, often known as CES, isn’t exactly an auto show. It’s just what it says, a show for all consumer electronics; smartphones, computers and everything in between. However, many different auto manufacturers put on presentations at CES each year, be it for a new piece of technology that will change the landscape of the automotive industry, or some other technology outside the realm of automotive if their reach is expansive. Honda is one of the latter, with many departments beyond just cars, like aviation, marine and even robotics. At the 2017 CES, Honda will showcase its new Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem.


Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem is pretty broad, but it will be the theme for Honda’s press conference which will take place at 11:00 a.m. PST on January 5th. The press conference will feature multiple interactive exhibits that offer an immersive experience, highlighting one possible future of mobility. Some of their goals are reducing traffic jams and creating new connectivity possibilities, but the overarching dream is to create technology that betters people’s lives. A standout of the exhibit will be the new Honda NeuV concept.

What is the Honda NeuV concept?

honda-neuv-ai-equipped-concept-vehicle_oWe don’t know much about the Honda NeuV at this point, but will fill you in with any new information after its reveal in January. At this point, we know that it is a self-driving electric vehicle designed to be a new type of commuter vehicle, and is equipped with artificial intelligence called emotion engine. Yes, a vehicle with AI.

Stay tuned for more auto show news as the season continues, and for more information on the Honda NeuV concept as soon as it becomes available.

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