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Wheaton Honda Winter Blues Contest

Wheaton Honda Winter Blues Contest

It's time for a new CONTEST!



Winter Blues Contest

With the crazy winter we've been having, we're starting to wonder if spring will ever come (or if we'll just get teased, only to have Mother Nature slap us in the face with windchill). As a result, we've begun the 5 stages of grief dealing with the cold, and want YOU to show us how you've been coping!

How it works

Each week, we'll post a picture showing what stage of grief we're in, and then you can take a picture of you in the same stage, and post it on our Facebook page or tweet it to @wheaton_honda and that's it - you're entered! We'll accept entries until noon MST on April 4th, and draw for the winner that afternoon!

What do I win?

We're giving away a Three-Month Multi-Play Pass for a Family of Up to 4 people to spend some time having fun indoors at West Edmonton Mall!


Where's the clues?

Stage 1: Denial

It's not THAT cold...


 Stage 2: Anger

So it was cold, and we washed our CR-V because it would last longer in the cold weather. Right in time for the temperature to spike...



Stage 3: Bargaining

Today is the first day of spring...




Step 4: Depression

When we woke up to see this much snow, we only had one response...



Step 5: Acceptance

It's potentially the last really cold day of the year, so we're taking the weather as it comes and are staying inside - business as usual!


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