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When and where can I snowboard or ski in Alberta?

When and where can I snowboard or ski in Alberta?

While it might not have stuck, we have already gotten snow here in Edmonton, which means winter is almost fully upon us. But winter isn’t all depressing. Sure, the road conditions are going to get bad and it’s just going to keep getting colder, but it also means the skiing season is about to officially kick off. There’s always a bright side! We’ve covered some of the best places to go skiing or snowboarding here in Edmonton before, and you can find that list linked just below, but we figured we’d dive into some of the biggest resorts around Alberta as a whole, for those weekends you want to take a trip a little further out of town.

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Sunshine Village

If you’re down for a trip to Banff, then Sunshine Village is one of the best places to go snowboarding or skiing. With massive mountains, a beautiful resort and great prices, Sunshine Village makes an excellent destination for your skiing or snowboarding weekend. And the good news is, Sunshine Village is already open. So if you’re already ready to hit the slopes, check out this excellent location.

Nakiska Ski Resort

Close to Banff is Kananaskis, which is the location of Nakiska. With plenty of mountains and hills for the most experience skiers or snowboarders, or the freshest and youngest. There are plenty of options at Nakiska Ski Resort. And considering its proximity to Sunshine Village, it’s also open; however, only 5 of their trails are open and none of their lifts. So it might not be the best time to his up Nakiska yet, but in a few weeks it should be more than ready.

Hidden Valley Ski

Finally, you can hit up Hidden Valley Ski as soon as it opens. There is no snow on any of the mountains yet, but there is sure to be soon enough. Start checking into their lessons, rentals and prices now, and by the time they open you’ll be ready for an excellent weekend.

Wherever you choose to ski or snowboard this year, we simply hope you have fun and stay safe. Happy winter!

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