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What is Top Tier Gasoline and why is it important for your car?


What is Top Tier Gasoline and why is it important for your car?

When you eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids, you typically feel better and are at your best. Similarly, your car runs at its peak when you give it the proper fuel. Unfortunately, since the minimum additive performance standards were established in 1995, many gasoline companies have reduced the concentration of detergent additive in their gasoline by as much as 50 percent. Now, the low-quality additives in many gasolines create engine deposits that have a negative impact on emissions, efficiency and performance. Honda has been one of seven automotive brands to recognize that the minimum detergent requirements aren’t high enough to give engines the fuel they need to run at their optimal levels.

While the low detergent levels and additives in gasoline is the problem, Top Tier Gasoline is the solution. So what is Top Tier Gasoline and why is it important for your car? Well, the answer is quite simple. The additives in other gasolines leave harmful deposits on critical engine parts, which will eventually harm your vehicle’s performance, efficiency and durability. Top Tier Gasoline uses higher detergent levels and better quality additives to ensure a better and longer-lasting vehicle ownership experience.

Honda is one of the seven major automakers to recommend the use of Top Tier Gasoline on its vehicles, which is noted in the owner’s manual of vehicles as of 2014. To be considered Top Tier, there are series of tests that ensure there is little to no deposit buildup on intake valves, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers. Top Tier gasoline typically contains as many as two to three times the amount of detergent than what the EPA currently requires and never includes metallic additives, which have been proven to negatively impact emissions-control systems.

Perhaps best of all, the extra detergent additives in Top Tier Gasoline typically come at little to no cost to you, which makes it an essential practice for Honda owners.

Where can I find Top Tier Gasoline in Canada?

There are currently six Top Tier Gasoline retailers in Canada:

Top Tier Detergent Gasoline Canada• Chevron Canada
• Costco Wholesale
• Esso
• Petro-Canada
• Shell Canada
• Tempo

Visit any of the retailers above and be sure you are using Top Tier Gasoline on your vehicle. Whether you drive a Honda Ridgeline or a Honda Civic, using better fuel will help your vehicle perform at its peak in the short and long term.

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